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When Should You Hire a General Contractor?

When is it a good time to seek out the services of a General Contractor? The answers to the three questions below will help determine when it is time to advise a GC:

  1. How many different trades (Subcontractors) will be necessary to complete the project? As a homeowner and/or businessowner you may be able to manage the work of a cabinet installer, but if your kitchen remodel for example requires the services of other trades like tiling, electrical, paint, plumbing and etc. The right General Contractor will save you time, money, stress, and liabilities.
  2. Are you knowledgeable of local building codes? Building codes dictate most construction projects be performed by licensed professionals. General Contractors are able to obtain the correct permits that non-professionals cannot. “Codes are designed to protect buildings, and the people and property inside them from fire, earthquakes, windstorms and other extreme events. They also ensure structural integrity; electrical, plumbing and mechanical system safety, as well as accessibility and practical and achievable levels of energy efficiency ( 2013)”. If you shall decide to do such a project yourself, you can face fines from your local government.
  3. Do you have an understanding of your project completion time? If the expected time to complete the project is more than ten days, consider hiring a General Contractor. With the GC’s expertise of the time various Subcontractors will need, the GC can keep the project on budget and on time.

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