Skybox Construction

Restaurant Build & Remodel Services

We help restaurateurs improve and revitalize their businesses by overseeing full-scale restaurant builds, remodels and additions. Our team is available to coordinate with your needs and to help guide you through the complicated process with all applicable city officials and the health department (SNHD). We pride ourselves in being the most transparent and dependable builder, with your success being the number one priority.

Start Your Restaurant Project with Skybox Construction

Skybox Construction is the dedicated boutique team to accomplish your project – On Time and On Budget. We work hand-in-hand with your Designer as a dependable General Contractor or as a full-service Design-Build firm.

Learn more about the two main Construction Delivery Methods at the links below, to help you choose the right starting point for your project:

Reach out and connect with us so we may get familiar with your construction goals and work together to assure a successful venture. Message us through the form below, or call us at 702-202-6917.

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