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Design-Build Construction Services

A single reliable point of contact is what gives the Design-Build delivery system value above all other construction methods. Along every step of your project, from design to closure; you will have one professional partner and one trusted service provider looking out for your interests. We combine accomplished designers, seasoned project managers and expert builders to deliver a seamless experience. The Design-Build process will greatly increase simplicity, accuracy and speed to successful project completion.

Design-Build Is The Superior Construction Delivery Method

Design-Build Construction is the preferred delivery method for commercial and residential projects as it provides substantial cost and time savings for the Client. Design-Build simply means that the design and construction services are consolidated into one, making a single provider responsible. We select the best qualified Designers, Architects, Engineers, Vendors and Sub-Contractors to fit your budget and schedule without sacrificing quality. You will interact with one cohesive team working together to achieve your construction goals. This approach eliminates many potential setbacks and greatly simplifies the construction project.

The Design-Build Delivery Method provides the following advantages:

  • Single Point of Contact: One Responsible Party with Reliable Communication
  • Direct Approach: Unified Team Working To Achieve Design, Budget, Deployment & Schedule
  • Streamlined Planning: Efficient Execution of Building Plans, Drawings, Specifications & Permits
  • Save Time & Money: Mitigate Risks While Reducing Time To Completion

We apply our Time and Talent to protect your Treasure. Skybox Construction is the experienced and responsible Design-Build Team to accomplish your construction goals. Contact us now to schedule a preliminary phone consultation, so we may get familiar with your Project and be of service.

Design-Build Construction Project Process

Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project. Here is an outline of the 15-Step process encompassing a typical Design-Build Project:

Project Initiation Phase

Step 01 • Consultation: Phone Consultation Followed by In-Person Working Consultation to Understand our Client’s Design-Build Goals, Wishes and Expectations

Step 02 • Contract & Project Commencement

Research, Design & Presentation Phase

Step 03 • Trade Day(s): On-Site Measurements and Photos; Architect, Engineer and Sub-Contractor Job-Walk; Final Criteria and Scope of Work Meeting

Step 04 • Design & Documentation: Execution of Drawings, Plans and Specifications; Sourcing of Goods and Services; Procuring Estimates

Step 05 • Presentation: Visual Display of Materials Samples; Presentation of Plans, Specifications and Preliminary Project Schedule; Presentation of Proposal and Collection of Deposit

Construction & Project Management Phase

Step 06 • Order Placement: Assessment of Materials and Furnishings Delivery Lead-Times; Assessment of Sub-Contractor Scheduling; Application for Building Permits as Required by Scope of Work; Presentation of Project Schedule (Updated at Regular Intervals Throughout Project with Progress and Milestones)

Step 07 • Initiation of Construction: All Design and Planning Work Starts to Physically Manifest; As per Plans, Scope of Work, Specifications and Project Schedule

Step 08 • Inspections: Schedule and Perform All Inspections, as Required by Scope of Work, with City Officials

Step 09 • Furnishings Installation & Styling

Step 10 • Internal Punch-List: Identify and Resolve Deficiencies Prior to Client Reveal

Step 11 • Final Inspection: Scheduled with City Officials; as Required for Most Commercial Projects in Order to Receive Occupancy Permits; Depending on Scope of Work, May Be Required on Some Residential Projects

Step 12 • Client Reveal

Step 13 • Client Punch-List: Identify and Resolve Deficiencies

Step 14 • Project Closure Meeting: Presentation of Final Invoices

Step 15 • Project Completion: Presentation of Client Binder with Project Chronology, Certifications and Warranties

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