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Design-Build Construction Services

A single and reliable point of contact is what gives a Design-Build delivery system value above other construction methods. Along every step of your project; you’ll have one professional partner, one trusted service provider. On Design-Build projects, we combine trained designers, seasoned project managers and expert builders to deliver a seamless experience. The Design-Build process will greatly increase simplicity, accuracy and speed to successful project completion.

Design-Build Construction Project Process

Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project. Here is an outline of the 15-Step process encompassing a typical Design-Build Project:

Project Initiation Phase

Step 01 • Consultation: Phone Consultation Followed by In-Person Working Consultation to Understand our Client’s Design-Build Goals, Wishes and Expectations

Step 02 • Contract & Project Commencement

Research, Design & Presentation Phase

Step 03 • Trade Day: On-Site Measurements and Photos; Final Criteria and Scope of Work Meeting

Step 04 • Design & Documentation: Execution of Drawings, Plans and Specifications; Sourcing of Goods and Services; Procuring Estimates

Step 05 • Presentation: Visual Display of Materials Samples; Presentation of Plans, Specifications and Preliminary Project Schedule; Presentation of Proposal and Collection of Deposit

Construction & Project Management Phase

Step 06 • Order Placement: Assessment of Materials and Furnishings Delivery Lead-Times; Assessment of Sub-Contractor Scheduling; Application for Building Permits as Required by Scope of Work; Presentation of Project Schedule (Updated at Regular Intervals Throughout Project with Progress and Milestones)

Step 07 • Initiation of Construction: As per Plans, Specifications, Project Schedule and Scope of Work

Step 08 • Inspections: Schedule and Perform All Inspections, as Required by Scope of Work, with City Officials

Step 09 • Furnishings Installation & Styling

Step 10 • Internal Punch-List: Identify and Resolve Deficiencies Prior to Client Reveal

Step 11 • Client Reveal

Step 12 • Client Punch-List: Identify and Resolve Deficiencies

Step 13 • Final Inspection: Scheduled with City Officials; as Required for Most Commercial Projects in Order to Receive Occupancy Permits; Depending on Scope of Work, May Be Required on Some Residential Projects

Step 14 • Project Closure Meeting: Presentation of Final Invoices

Step 15 • Project Completion: Presentation of Client Binder with Project Chronology, Certifications and Warranties

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