Skybox Construction

Tenant Improvement (T.I.) Services

Reconfigure and remodel commercial spaces to meet the current market demands and tenant needs. We understand T.I. Projects inside and out – from design to occupancy permit, we’ll make sure the numbers make sense and we help add value to the property. Success through transparency, communication and follow-through.

Start Your Tenant Improvement Project with Skybox Construction

Skybox Construction is the dedicated boutique team to accomplish your project – On Time and On Budget. We work hand-in-hand with your Designer as a dependable General Contractor or as a full-service Design-Build firm.

Learn more about the two main Construction Delivery Methods at the links below, to help you choose the right starting point for your project:

Reach out and connect with us so we may get familiar with your construction goals and work together to assure a successful venture. Message us through the form below, or call us at 702-202-6917.

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