Skybox Construction

Tenant Improvement (T.I.) Services

Our team is experienced in reconfiguring and remodeling commercial spaces to meet market demands and tenant needs. From the design phase to obtaining occupancy permits, we ensure that all aspects of T.I. projects make sense financially and add value to the property. We believe that success is achieved through transparency, effective communication, and a commitment to follow-through.

Start Your Tenant Improvement Project with Skybox Construction

Skybox Construction is a reliable boutique team that can successfully complete your project within the agreed time and budget. We can partner with your designer either as a dependable general contractor or a full-service design-build company. To help you make the right decision, we have provided more information on the two main construction delivery methods in the links below. We are dedicated to delivering quality construction services that meet your needs and expectations.

Contact us either by filling out the form below or calling us at 702-202-6917. We look forward to learning about your construction goals and working with you to ensure a successful outcome.

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